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Lumi Product line–make cool prints using transparencies

Wow! This product would be great for our print exchange. (I’m especially pleased one of the samples used was my favorite inventor of all time, TESLA!) Exchange… Read more »

Harry Ransom Center and PrintAustin

We love the Harry Ransom Center. You can request to see items out of their catalog and they will bring them to the reading room for observation–and… Read more »

This is it. PrintAustin 2014’s last week!

We can’t believe it’s the last week of PrintAustin already. We hope you’ve enjoyed everything so far and will join us for the grand finale on the… Read more »

The weekend’s PrintAustin offerings are gonna be good!

Tonight–McCallum High School. Saturday– February 1 Gelatin Printing Interactive Demo Take home a work of art using Akua inks. Artist: Angela Hayes Time: 1-4 pm Location: WPA… Read more »

Artist Talks tonight at Davis Gallery

The show at Davis Gallery is really fantastic. If you haven’t seen it yet, do try to make it before it leaves on February 8. A good… Read more »