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Ink under the Nails

The PrintAustin Team had a chance to get together yesterday with potential volunteers and then we segued into WPA’s printing on fabric demos. It was great talking… Read more »

Sean Starwars PrintAustin T-shirts!

Whoa. Big news. We’re licensing a Sean Starwars’ image for PrintAustin t-shirts! We’re printing a limited number so be sure to snag them during the early part… Read more »

Printing on Fabric

First things first–our juried show is closing on Nov. 9, so do that first. Register here.  I’ll wait. Next up, join our print exchange! If you need some inspiration… Read more »

PrintAustin Update

Well, we’ve been busy getting folks signed up to participate in PrintAustin–just registration in general with their galleries, alternative venues, or studios. There’s still time if you’d… Read more »

Speedball Fabric Ink–thumbs up!

  Test hankies printed today using Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink. The ink felt a little weird rolling up (dry somehow, but not, if that makes sense),… Read more »