Wanna get your big print on but aren’t sure how to do it? Take this workshop and learn how you can Go Big. Workshop fee includes registration fees for PrintAustin’s Steamroller Event 2/11. Here’s a link for more info

PrintAustin is coming together just splendidly. Are you aware of what we have on tap? If not, click here for our freshly created weekly newsletter. If you aren’t on our mailing list and already getting these, add yourself at the waaaay bottom  on the right side bar of our website (the one… Read more »

Hey folks! There are several printmaking workshops happening as part of PrintAustin 2017. Lots of things to choose from from jelly printing to letterpress. Follow this link to find the workshops that make you want to get your print on. (Image courtesy of Punchpress and their Letter-into-Press workshop)

Steamroller Printing–get carving!

This is coming up folks–February 11! We hope you’re spending your winter break with some carving tools in your hand. If you haven’t signed up, do so here: 2017 Calls for Entry Photo courtesy of TAMU-K  They held an event late 2016 and additional pictures can be found here. BTW, TAMU-K’s… Read more »

NON-JURIED Print Exchange. Participants to complete an edition of 12 for an exchange. Trade will be exhibited during PrintAustin 2017 at artist NJ Weaver‘s Studio located in the Flatbed Press Building. Opening and closing receptions will coincide with PrintAustin’s juried exhibition. Cost: $25. International applicants welcome for an additional shipping charge. Deadline to enter:… Read more »