The PrintAustin Team had a chance to get together yesterday with potential volunteers and then we segued into WPA’s printing on fabric demos. It was great talking to folks about the lineup for PrintAustin 2015. I was surprised to learn not everyone knew the deadline for The Contemporary Print is TODAY!!! I feel like that’s all we talk about. I know the Austin art scene is taxed with E.A.S.T. prep and I sympathize. But if you’re going to enter, you gotta do this today. There’s no limit on when you made the print. There’s no restriction on if you entered the print last year, and it didn’t get in. We have different jurors, folks. Here’s the link.  I did have someone ask if the submissions needed to be prints–well, yes, that is a requirement, but otherwise, the restrictions are fairly loose. Check it out.

Thank you WPA for putting on the demos–esp artists Deborah McLouth, Elizabeth Stettler, and Cara from OneFiveTrading. Thank you Lumi for the sun-sensitive dye and Speedball for the relief fabric ink and screenprinting fabric ink. And now some pics:


lumiIMG_20141107_124316901IMG_20141108_144134114 IMG_20141108_144154175 IMG_20141108_151141651 IMG_20141108_151336872 IMG_20141108_151343205 IMG_20141108_152155885 IMG_20141108_152203854 IMG_20141108_173401249 IMG_20141108_173419556 IMG_20141108_173425799