Oliver Pilic, Swipe Up (114 prints), 2020, Hand-printed woodcut on toilet tissue paper, 4 x 4 in.

Bridging the earliest reproduction process of woodcut and computer generated images, The Contemporary Print: 5×5 artist Oliver Pilic eloquently uses linear mark making and the removal of substance to reveal images that mimic photographic prints but are exclusively carved and printed by hand. Based out of Kamnik in northern Slovenia, Pilic is inspired by how technology lends itself to image manipulation. He then embraces analogous techniques to further explore the relationship between the materiality and immateriality of image reproduction.

In this week’s episode of pine|copper|lime, podcast host Miranda Metcalf and Pilic talk about the Slovenian print tradition, how Pilic returned to woodcut after a ten-year hiatus, that faceApp that makes you old…and just how old it can go, and what identity means once a face is no longer recognizable.

PrintEXPO 2020
Oliver Pilic, Texas Queen, 2016, Hand-printed woodcut on paper, 34 x 26 in.

Pilic also invites us into his Kamnik studio through a special video tour to provide glimpses into his printing technique, the unconventional materials he sometimes prints on, and even how he returns to the digital through the animation of his prints!

The Contemporary Print: 5×5

Presented in partnership with Big Medium, PrintAustin’s 8th annual international juried exhibition, The Contemporary Print: 5×5, is juried by Delita Martin of Black Box Press Studio. This virtual exhibition showcases five works by five contemporary artists from the United States, Australia, and Slovenia, giving us a broad survey of printmaking happening across the globe. 

This year’s selected artists include Chloe Alexander (Atlanta, Georgia), John Klosterman IV (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Oliver Pilic (Kamnik, Slovenia), Laura Post (Fort Worth, Texas), and Cleo Wilkinson (Melbourne, Australia).

View Oliver Pilic’s work along with the other featured artists in our virtual exhibition through February 19, 2021:


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Miranda K. Metcalf, Director, Curator, PCL Founder

pine|copper|lime is a product of Miranda Metcalf’s love and passion for the medium of printmaking. After five years as director of Davidson Galleries in Seattle, Washington, she spent two years in Sydney, Australia discovering new prints and new printmakers, before relocating to Bangkok, Thailand where she continue to explore the vibrant South East Asian printmaking scene.


Timothy Pauszek, Editor

Timothy Pauszek is a master printer with his MFA from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. He makes every episode of pine|copper|lime sound good, offers the printmaker’s perspective to the creative process, and acts as an in-house graphic designer. (Literally, he’s married to Miranda.)