We’re having a Bin Fest on January 19 from 12-6 PM, and we’ll have racks and racks of bins filled with prints. Collectors will have a chance to flip through bins filled with prints from all different artists employing all kinds of techniques.

We want your prints in our bins! Not sure how to prepare your prints? See below.

Supplies needed:
foam core
straight edge
blade (X-acto or flat edge razor)
cellophane roll or clear bags

Getting your prints ready:
First, get your hands on the supplies. Jerry’s Artarama sells foam core, and we’ve also heard a rumor that you can get it at Dollar Tree. Blades can be found just about anywhere, including your local HEB or pharmacy. Cellophane can be found at a crafts store, including Michael’s, where comes in rolls. Regular Scotch tape works great if using cellophane. (Archival foam core is very expensive, and we’ll be wrapping our own prints in non-archival materials in the hopes that the collector will be framing it soon after purchase.)


Trim your foam core to the size of your prints, or slightly larger.


Unroll your cellophane and wrap your print like a present, with the folds and tape in the back. Or, if you want to get fancy, get your hands on some clear baggies. Available at Jerry’s and clearbags.com. Tape any excess in the back. For an extra marketing boost, slip a business card in the back before you seal it up.


For our Bin Fest, we’ll supply your title tags and price labels. You’ll need to complete a form first though, and it’s due Jan. 16th. For more information, see our Call for Entry.