Silent Auction at Ball

Artists and vendors,

Thanks so much for being willing to donate work/product for our silent auction happening during the Printmaker’s Ball on Feb. 1. We will be collecting work Jan. 31 at 5pm. It’s not necessary to complete this form online since you may not know what you’re submitting just yet (we’ll have ones you complete by hand that day). However, if you do know what you’re submitting for the auction, if you submit early we will be happy to promote you and your piece via social media leading up to the Ball. Plus you can skip the handwritten form. We’ve decided to keep this auction simple and will only be running it from 7-9:30PM during the Ball. 

We plan on starting the bid at 50% of retail value, but if you have a different preferred starting point, please let us know.

What if your piece doesn’t sell? We will give it back that evening.


Cathy + Paloma

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.