PrintEXPO Feedback

Y’all–Thank you so much for being part of PrintEXPO. We received such great feedback–folks felt this was the best EXPO yet. You make us look good so THANK YOU!

We truly look forward to your feedback. Thanks for taking a few minutes to jot down your thoughts.

Until next year, Cathy + Paloma 🙂

Evaluation for PrintEXPO

  • PrintAustin is generously supported by the City of Austin. As part of that support, we like to provide a cumulative total of the revenue generated by our attendees to show the financial impact PrintAustin has on our local economy. Please provide your total sales/revenue acquired during the event. This information will be kept strictly confidential. If you feel uncomfortable with an approximate $ amount, feel free to just say “Great!”, “So-So”, or “Meh.”
  • We incorporated a talk on printmaking + a dance performance on Friday night–plus we invited curators and docents from The Blanton. Our goal was to expand our crowd by incorporating some different things. Maybe we delivered, maybe we didn’t. We’d love your input!
  • Is 3 days waaaay too long? Was it just right? How about the timing? We thought if we established a weekend that people associated with PrintEXPO, that would act as a reminder. For instance, it’s been on Super Bowl weekend for the last 2 years. Did you see any conflict with that?
  • We are planning on revamping our registration process since we have limited space and thankfully a ton of interest in PrintEXPO. If you have any thoughts on how to improve this process–or anything else–feel free to elaborate.
  • Are you interested in hosting workshops or demos in collaboration with PrintAustin throughout the year? Let us know if you envision being more involved with us and in what capacity!