Thank you for working with us this year! We are so grateful for your enthusiasm and support of PrintAustin, and we’d appreciate¬†feedback on your experience. We’re especially interested in hearing about our new registration process that allowed you to input and edit your listings, feedback on our PR, and if would you consider your PrintAustin event to be successful. If possible, please complete by March 1. Thank you!

  • The Texas Commission on the Arts and the Still Water Foundation generously support PrintAustin. As part of that support, we like to provide a cumulative total of sales generated by our vendors to show the financial impact PrintAustin has on participants and our local economy. Please provide your total sales/revenue acquired during the event. This information will be kept strictly confidential. If you feel uncomfortable with an approximate $ amount, feel free to say "Great!", "Same as last year," or "Not as I hoped."
  • Just curious which price point is working. This information will help us when advising new vendors.
  • We kept up the PrintEXPO website and PrintEXPO guides that were only meant for 2021, generating a lot of extra work. Our goal was to expand our crowd by incorporating and promoting these things, hoping it would lead to future sales for buyers. Just wondering if these items are simply perks and not worth the effort/expense.
  • We did our best to generate traffic. The traffic has historically been slower on Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday are usually great! We're thinking we need to rebrand Friday night. Thoughts?
  • Is 3 days waaaay too long? Was it just right? How about the timing? We thought if we established a weekend that people associated with PrintEXPO, that would act as a reminder. For instance, it's been on Super Bowl weekend for the past few years. Did you see any conflict with that? We also usually cut out at 2 pm on Sunday but moved it to 5pm this year. Please tell us your thoughts as they really do help shape future events.
  • We tried to make EXPO a rewarding experience even if sales were meh for some of our vendors. We had the option to order food, we served coffee all day, we had snacks available upstairs. Plus with Saturday evening events such as the opening for The Contemporary Print and Full Court Press, there were moments to connect outside of EXPO. What do you think we should change or add in the future?
  • We are planning on revamping our registration process since this year it was a little bumpy. If you have any thoughts on how to improve this process--or anything else--feel free to elaborate. What about your booth location? Please express your thoughts on where you were and where you'd like to be.
  • We have a one-day fair already set up for the Sunday of Labor Day at Central Machine Works. We're trying to have fairs outside of EXPO to accommodate everyone that wants to vend as we know EXPO is hot but spaces are limited. Any interest in other Texas-based fairs during the year?