2019 BinFest Sale

We’re hosting a bin sale, where artists can submit original prints that are backed by foam core and wrapped in plastic for the public to flip through and purchase. The BinFest will be part of our EXPO, held February 2, 2019, from 12-5pm, centrally located at the Blue Genie Big Top, 6100 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752.

Cost to Participate:
1-5 pieces, $10
6-10 pieces, $20
Email us for a discount code if you signed up for The Contemporary Print Show or Trade Portfolio this year or for BinFest last year. We would like to thank you for your continued support. info@printaustin.org

NEW: We have just opened this event up to non-locals providing you ship your work and include return shipping. Work must be delivered by January 30. We will package up unsold work and ship back in the days following Expo. For delivery address, email us at info@printaustin.org, which is different than PrintAustin’s mailing address.

Deadline:  The deadline to enter is January 27, 2019. Complete the registration form below and include your pieces (title, price, etc) for labels and inventory purposes.
Drop Off: 10:30 AM the morning of EXPO, February 2. We’ll be inside the entrance to your right. If you are shipping work, your work needs to be delivered by January 30.
Presentation: Submitted work needs to be backed by foam core and either placed in a plastic baggie or wrapped in cellophane.
Documentation: After you register your work info below, we’ll create labels for you that we’ll have you attach to the back of your work during drop off.
Event When & Where: Blue Genie Art Bazaar, 6100 Airport Blvd. 12-5 PM
Sales: Should you make any sales, we’ll send you a check for your work minus the 20% commission within 2 weeks of Bin Fest. We will be collecting and reporting sales tax.
Unsold Work: Pick up is immediately after event, between 5-5:30 PM. If you shipped work, we will begin return shipping the week of February 4.
Questions? Email us at info@printaustin.org

Please wait a few seconds after submitting to make sure you receive a confirmation notice that the form was accepted.