Ryan O’Malley, Viktor, 2020, Reduction Woodcut, 23″ x 19″

Ryan O’Malley is an artist, educator, and event organizer based in Corpus Christi, Texas. He works in a variety of media with focus on the expansive realm of printmaking. His work has been included in numerous national and international exhibitions, publications, and portfolios. That’s the official version. The unofficial version is he is one of the kindest and most supportive folks in the print community! He is also technically astute, as you can tell from his work. 

O’Malley serves as Professor of Art and Graduate Coordinator at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. He describes himself as a chameleon, exploring the many approaches to printmaking–mezzotint, woodcut, stencil, screen printing–and their connection points, as a way to challenge himself as an educator. He concedes that not all of his students will go on to become artists but if they can learn a facility for tools and patience, they can apply that learning to anything they attempt in life.

His love of people and process is explored in his ongoing body of work Shapeshifter. Transmuting traditional and technology-driven techniques, O’Malley contrasts their static and dynamic properties and navigates the spaces between precision and imperfection; between the ephemeral, and perpetual.

O’Malley’s work chosen for the 5×5 exhibition began years ago as a series of over 200 spray paint stencil portraits of friends, family and mentors. He later transferred those images onto wood blocks, melding the features of 5-6 individuals to create images that are complex, detailed and totemic. Each layer of carving and printing is a meditation, a transference of physical and emotional energy from one state to another.

Ryan O’Malley, El J-Rodorado, 2018, Reduction Woodcut, 18″ x 23″

O’Malley recently did an IG takeover for PrintAustin and he posted the video as part of that takeover. It’s a definite must see! It shows his process for his Shapeshifter series.

We’d be remiss to not include this video as well–the process of intaglio printing from soup to nuts. It also shows O’Malley’s talent in another printmaking technique.

The 5×5 in-person exhibition at Ivester Contemporary recently closed, but you can see it online via the link below. 

You can learn more about O’Malley and his work in this episode of the Studio Noize Podcast hosted by Jamaal Barber.


O’Malley will be at PrintEXPO on February 11-13 if you’d like to see more of his work in person, and there’s always his website and IG. ryanomalleyart.com IG: @ryanomalleyart

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The 5X5
In partnership with Ivester Contemporary, PrintAustin’s 2nd annual online juried exhibition, The 5×5, is juried by Caitlin Clay, Curator of Exhibitions at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. This virtual exhibition–with an in-person element at Ivester–showcases five works by five contemporary artists from the United States, Mexico, and Poland, giving us a broad survey of printmaking happening across the globe. 

Ivester Contemporary
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