Sarah Amos, "Black Box Gum," courtesy of Gallery Shoal Creek

Sarah Amos, “Black Box Gum,” courtesy of Gallery Shoal Creek

PrintAustin, held annually from January 15 to February 15, is a month-long event celebrating the art of original printmaking, educating the public about the traditions of printmaking as well as showcasing the innovations of the contemporary approach.

Our mission to the Austin art community and galleries is to share our enthusiasm for printmaking by helping galleries curate, exhibit, and promote works on paper, and to engage a wider audience through in-house artist talks, signings, panels, printmaking demonstrations, and print focused art happenings.

Join In

  • Showcase your business or become a vendor during our first PrintExpo, scheduled for February 7, 12-6 pm.
  • Attend! Join our mailing list to find out about registered events. We’ll be sending periodic updates until early January, then weekly announcements until we wrap up mid-February.
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Some deadlines + a volunteer meeting

The hankie trade deadline is just around the corner–Dec. 15. Here are some fun images of prints from participating artists. To sign up, follow this link to our Call for Entry. 


Artist: Bill Cauthern


Artist: Marilyn Walter


Artist: Junanne Peck


Artist: Krys Kagan


Flatbed extended their deadline for their print fair until Dec. 15. This was an amazing book end to PrintAustin 2014, and I’m sure the 2015 event will be just as spectacular. Here’s the link. 

We’re having a PrintAustin volunteer meeting this Sunday (12/4/2014) at 2 pm at the WPA studio–Canopy, 916 Springdale Rd., Bldg. 3, next to Sa-Ten Cafe. We need help with our Expo/BinFest/Hankie exhibit on February 7–and we have jobs big and small depending on your availability. PrintAustin was a great experience last year, and 2015 is lining up to be just as cool. If you can’t make it Sunday but are interested in volunteering, email us at and we’ll put you on our list. Thanks!

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What’s Shaking in PrintAustin Land?

Let me tell you:

We are excited selections have been made for our juried show, The Contemporary Print. Our jurors had the daunting task of whittling down the number of entries to a mere couple dozen. This is absolutely tough business with so many excellent prints/artists. January 17 is the opening, and if it’s anything like 2014, it’s not to be missed. We’ve started an RSVP on Facebook. Here it is.  Feel free to add folks to the invite list.

Next deadline? December 15 is the last day to enter our hankie print exchange. We’ve sent out over 900 handkerchiefs and would love to have you included in the trade. Here’s a link. One thing to note, if you sign up for our print exchange, you get a coupon for entering BinFest–only $5 for up to 10 prints.

Our trade was inspired by the Women & Their Work's Fall 2013 installation "THIRST"

Our trade was inspired by the Women & Their Work’s Fall 2013 installation “THIRST”


Here’s a pic of our 2014 BinFest. We sold dozens of prints for artists–we collect sales tax making it super easy.

2014's BinFest

2014’s BinFest

Our brochure has been sent to the printer! (Thank goodness I make prints vs. edit for a living. If you see any typos, shhhhh…) Brochures will be at our participating locations by the end of December. If you want to see a PDF version, here’s a link to our calendar page. 

Sean Starwars T-shirts! We’ve ordered a limited quantity and have started taking orders. Here’s a link. 

austin-graphic-color (1)_low res

We have a volunteer meeting on 12/14 at 2 pm at WPA Studio, Canopy, 916 Springdale Road, Blgd. 3, #102. Please join us! We’ll be talking about BinFest, our exchange, and Expo, and how you help make it happen.  If you want to volunteer but can’t make that time, our email address is Thank you!

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Ink under the Nails

The PrintAustin Team had a chance to get together yesterday with potential volunteers and then we segued into WPA’s printing on fabric demos. It was great talking to folks about the lineup for PrintAustin 2015. I was surprised to learn not everyone knew the deadline for The Contemporary Print is TODAY!!! I feel like that’s all we talk about. I know the Austin art scene is taxed with E.A.S.T. prep and I sympathize. But if you’re going to enter, you gotta do this today. There’s no limit on when you made the print. There’s no restriction on if you entered the print last year, and it didn’t get in. We have different jurors, folks. Here’s the link.  I did have someone ask if the submissions needed to be prints–well, yes, that is a requirement, but otherwise, the restrictions are fairly loose. Check it out.

Thank you WPA for putting on the demos–esp artists Deborah McLouth, Elizabeth Stettler, and Cara from OneFiveTrading. Thank you Lumi for the sun-sensitive dye and Speedball for the relief fabric ink and screenprinting fabric ink. And now some pics:


lumiIMG_20141107_124316901IMG_20141108_144134114 IMG_20141108_144154175 IMG_20141108_151141651 IMG_20141108_151336872 IMG_20141108_151343205 IMG_20141108_152155885 IMG_20141108_152203854 IMG_20141108_173401249 IMG_20141108_173419556 IMG_20141108_173425799


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Sean Starwars PrintAustin T-shirts!

austin-graphic-color (1)_low res

Whoa. Big news. We’re licensing a Sean Starwars’ image for PrintAustin t-shirts! We’re printing a limited number so be sure to snag them during the early part of PrintAustin 2015. (We may be able to set up a pre-order form, so stay tuned.)

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Flatbed Print Fair–Deadline to register, Nov. 30

PrintAustin 2015 has a great line-up! We had about 1/2 of our sign-ups come in during the last 24 hours of registration. (You artists are going to kill us with your procrastination. But since PrintAustin is made up of a handful of artists–we can also relate. So all is forgiven.) We still need to update our website with the final list, so stay tuned.

Our next big deadline is for our juried show The Contemporary Print, but since we’ve blogged about that a few times, I’ll just include this link and leave it at that. You have until Nov. 9 to sign up.

FlatbedAnother cool event is Flatbed’s Contemporary Print Fair. We were delighted to have PrintAustin 2014 end with Flatbed’s Print Fair, and this year they hold the same spot on our 2015 calendar. This is a wonderful event, not only to attend, but as a participant. Here’s some info we grabbed off their website:

We are excited to announce our second-annual Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair this coming February 13-14, 2015. Hosted in conjunction with PrintAustin- a city-wide, month-long celebration of printmaking- our fair is designed to give professional printmakers, publishers of fine art prints, and University print programs a venue to show and sell their work to the public along with demonstrations of printmaking techniques. Last year we had a phenomenal turnout with hundreds of visitors and 25 vendors from all over the state. A list of last year’s vendors and works may be seen here. This year we’re expanding our call to entry beyond Texas.

Mark your calendars for the preview party the evening of February 13 and the day long print fair on February 14, 2015.

Printmakers, publishers, and universities are invited to submit. This is a juried call to entry with a submission fee of $20. For booth fees, terms and conditions, and other information, read our detailed 2015 Prospectus. For other information, call Katherine Brimberry at Flatbed Press.

Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2014.


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Printing on Fabric


Another technique that works on the handkerchiefs–solar plate. This image by Jo Lagattuta was printed using oil based inks on a dry hankie, but a damp scrap of Rives BFK was placed on top before running through the press.

First things first–our juried show is closing on Nov. 9, so do that first. Register here.  I’ll wait.

Next up, join our print exchange! If you need some inspiration on how/what to print on fabric, consider the demo on Nov. 8, outlined below.

Remember our post about Lumi ink a few weeks ago? They carry sun-sensitive dyes that do pretty rad things with a transparency and the Texas heat and WPA is giving a free demo Nov. 8. Here’s a process video if you missed it last time.


Printing on Fabric–3 Technique Demos!
WPA studio and 3 printmakers–Deborah McLouth, Cara DeDominicis, and Liz Stettler–are bringing you examples of how to print on fabric–including Lumi! Here’s the Facebook RSVP link to join the event and/or share with your mailing list. 

  • Where: WPA studio, 916 Springdale Road, Bldg. 3, unit 102
  • What: screenprinting, relief printing using fabric relief ink, and Lumi sun-sensitive dye.
  • When: Nov. 8, 3-6 pm
  • Why: WPA is partnering with PrintAustin on this event to help promote our Print Exchange. The substrate in the trade is a 100% cotton handkerchief, but of course you can use these techniques on t-shirts or other fabrics

Oh, and one more thing. Cara will be showing us how to make your own home exposure unit for making screens out of a chicken coop heating lamp. Good stuff.

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The Final Countdown

Remember this song by Europe? I’ve attached it for your listening pleasure.


We are down to the wire, folks. There are only a handful of days left in general registration to have your gallery, studio, or alternative venue listed in our PrintAustin brochure. Here’s the link if you’ve been waiting until the last minute and still wish to sign up (I’m not judging, just stating a fact).

Now, that brings us to our next deadline. Our juried exhibit, The Contemporary Print, is closing November 9. That’s hardly any time at all, so get to printing and enter here.

We have a PrintExpo on Feb. 7 and we’re looking for folks interested in buying a table. What’s cool is for a little bit more you can be a sponsor and get your logo everywhere. To find out more about sponsoring, click here. (While I’m at it, I should give a shout out to our current sponsors: Big Medium, UT Co-op Art Store, Jerry’s Artarama, WPA, and the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division. THANK YOU for your help in getting PrintAustin 2015 going!)

We’re recruiting volunteers for PrintAustin and are having a meeting at Canopy on November 8 at 1 pm. If you can make it, please RSVP at since we’ll be bringing munchies and want to have enough. We’ll be meeting in the courtyard near Sa-Ten. (WPA is having a print demo at 3 in the same complex. Plan on coming to our meeting and sticking around. Canopy will have open studios that day, so there will be plenty to look at if you need to kill time until 3.)

Thanks! Hope to see you on the 8th!

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PrintAustin Update

Well, we’ve been busy getting folks signed up to participate in PrintAustin–just registration in general with their galleries, alternative venues, or studios. There’s still time if you’d like to sign up. You have until Nov. 1. Registration info here. WPA Print Shop just signed up and will be exhibiting Sean Starwars’ work. I’m an absolute nut for Sean Starwars. I love his stuff! I can
‘t wait.  hotdogparty

Other exciting news:  IMG_20140930_125839089 (2)

We’ve dispensed more than 300 handkerchiefs for our flag print exchange–about halfway through our stash. Never fear, we can order more should we run out, but we’d love to have you participate. Here’s a set in progress. Register here until December 15. After that you’re outta luck.

WPA studio will be hosting a demo on different types of ink that can be used on fabric on Nov. 8. Details are still being ironed out, but that date is stable, so mark your calendars. They will be demoing Lumi inkodye ink, a cyanotype-kind-of-product that I’ve blogged about before, screenprinting including how to make your own light box, and relief printing, like on the hankies above. Stay tuned. I’ll be posting more info as it comes down the pike.

Our juried show The Contemporary Print has opened and we’ve received our first registrations!

Kathryn Polk, "A Fire to Be Kindled," lithograph, 14"x19", 2012

Kathryn Polk, “A Fire to Be Kindled,”
lithograph, 14″x19″, 2012

Yes, this is big news! Before a launch there is always the wringing of hands–are there any missed typos, will there be enough time to do PR, will we get enough registrations to pay our expenses, etc. Luckily we have the experience of PrintAustin 2014, and we had a successful launch. We’d love for you to be part of the pool of applicants. Entry found here.  Jurors: Kathryn Polk and Kevin McNamee-Tweed.



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Our Juried Show is Now Open!

TCP picThe Contemporary Print
Jurors Kathryn Polk and Kevin McNamee-Tweed. Cost, $35 for up to three entries. Deadline to enter, November 9, 2014. Opening reception: Jan. 17, 6-9 pm. Register here through CaFE.

PDF of call (you still gotta go through CaFE’s online system to apply):
PrintAustin CFE Contemporary Print 2015

We’re super excited about working with Kathryn Polk and Kevin McNamee-Tweed. This is going to be a great exhibit!

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Speedball Fabric Ink–thumbs up!


IMG_20140930_125839089 (1)Test hankies printed today using Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink. The ink felt a little weird rolling up (dry somehow, but not, if that makes sense), but after a few proofs I had the hang of it. A little 2.5 oz tube of the ink goes a long way. Dozens could be printed out of this wee tube. Cyanotype using Lumi ink is next! My vision is to put some celestial stuff in the border behind Kepler…

Join in our print exchange and let’s swap hankies! Here’s a link to register.

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