Mid Century Modern Artists & Printmaking

6:00 pm To 9:00 pm


January 19, 2019

January 19, 2019

Russell Collection - Lisa Russell

Jan. 5 - Jan. 31, 2019

Event Description

Join us on Saturday, January 19, 2019 from 6-9pm for our opening reception & lecture exploring the evolution of printmaking in the 20th Century with renowned curator and lecturer Greg Bloch. Free parking.

Mid Century Artists & Printmaking

The mid-twentieth century was a time of great experimentation in the art world, throwing away the constructs that the art establishment had put in place.  These pioneers of the post-war art world were changing the way art was created and the way that people experienced art.

The center of the art world had shifted from Europe to the United States, New York City playing host to the majority of this generation of artists.  Abstract expressionism, pop art, protest art, all labels given to the works of this new group of influential artists, the masters of the twentieth century, not to mention the continued genius of artists such as Picasso and Miro.

Like many of the great masters of the nineteenth century, the most influential artists of the twentieth century also worked extensively in printmaking.  Each artist often experimented in several different methods of printmaking but typically favoring one method that they felt best represented his/her artistic style.  The beautiful etchings with aquatint of Helen Frankenthaler, the bold screen prints of Alex Katz and Robert Indiana, or the iconic lithographs of Jim Dine, each method takes significant time and mastery to produce works of the quality level associated with these great artists.

Greg Bloch
A career spanning 45 years in the art business, Greg Bloch brings a world-renowned reputation as an art dealer, publisher, collector and manager of artists from around the world. His deep knowledge of art history, as well as his expertise regarding the trends and movements of the art industry has navigated his illustrious career in several diverse and successful directions. Greg has worked as a curator of private art collections, in addition to his work as an art and art book publisher, and lecturer. Along with his professional interests, Greg has amassed a significant and notable collection of 19th Century prints and drawings. This important collection has been on loan to several museums.

Greg’s global career has taken him from California, to Hawaii, South Africa, Connecticut, New York and most recently Chicago. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree and masters work at Whittier College in Whittier, CA, Greg started his first significant business ventures over the course of ten years in Hawaii as the Founder and President of Images International of Hawaii and The Island Gallery, a group of companies that focused on artist representation and publishing. The Island Gallery also had a retail gallery space at the world-famous and legendary Halekulani Hotel. He acted as Vice President of the Arts Foundation of Hawaii and was instrumental in drafting consumer protection legislation for print purchases in that state. Greg’s next move was to Chicago in 1987 as the National Sales Director for Circle Fine Art which consisted of 42 art galleries throughout the US. In this role, he also ran a significant wholesale art publishing sector of the company. He then became Executive Director of Merrill Chase Galleries, which was one of the most successful commercial gallery operations in the country at the time.

After three years in corporate roles, Greg returned to his entrepreneurial roots and became Founder and President of Triad Art Group, a global leader in artist representation, and as a fine art broker. Greg has successfully led the development and expansion of Triad’s reach since 1992 which includes forming two ancillary companies, Triad Art Group Publishing and Wynnewood Arts in 1995 and 1996, respectively.

Greg has spoken to and given lectures on many topics, including “The Art of Collecting Art” to such organizations as the Milwaukee Museum of Art, the Evansville Museum, Coral Springs Museum of Art, and to countless other public and private groups. Greg Bloch is an expert in the acquisition and sales of art and collecting.


1009 West 6th Street, Suite 120, Austin, TX 78703



About the Organizer/Venue

Russell Collection
Russell Collection Fine Art has assembled a permanent collection that includes original works spanning the history of art, making it the premier visual arts gallery in central Texas. Located in the heart of one of the most unique and diverse cities in the world, the gallery uses its collection and resources to provide educational and cultural experiences for the people who live in, work in, and visit Austin. Russell Collection Fine Art offers an outstanding schedule of special exhibitions and lectures for patrons. Our current collection includes the artwork by the Contemporary Artists and the Masters.

We feel confident that we have succeeded in establishing and maintaining our vision by acquiring only the finest pieces from various sources. Some of these include private collections, auctions, estate sales, directly from the artist or the artist family. With our resources, we have access to collections worldwide. If you don’t see something on our walls, ask us. We may be able to find it.

All of our pieces are professionally framed using only the finest museum quality materials.

All materials are acid-free and UV protected. A piece of artwork is not placed on the wall until it is professionally cleaned and framed to our highest standards.

Russell Collection clients are assisted by an expert staff dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Whether you are interested in purchasing a special painting or building a collection, our consultants can provide the resources to make acquiring art a rewarding experience. All pieces come with a certificate of authenticity.

Most people acquire art and keep it for a lifetime and pass it down to the next generation to enjoy.

Lisa Russell
Owner, Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery
When people call the Russell Collection and ask, “How much is admission?” Lisa Russell knows she’s doing something right. The walls of her downtown Austin, Texas, gallery look like the walls of a museum, featuring works by Picasso, Pissarro, Chagall, Rembrandt and Matisse. She always smiles and tells them admission is free, and that every single painting on the wall and sculpture on display can be taken home.

The New York Times has called the Russell Collection “Austin’s most exclusive gallery” and living up to that name has been nothing short of  exhilarating to a woman who doubled her retail space in one of the country’s most economically challenging times. Located in the popular West End shopping and arts district on Sixth Street, the gallery receives a high amount of drive-by and walk-in traffic. That’s why, in 2009, when the space adjacent to her then 2800 square-foot gallery came available, she jumped on the opportunity to almost double her space.  In 2018 the gallery moved just down the street into an 8,000 sq. ft. space and now hosts receptions, lectures, and exhibits for international, national, and locally renowned artists. 

In 2010, Lisa began the search for contemporary artists to add to her collection and currently represents Hunt Slonem, Alberto Murillo, Brad Ellis. Rimi Yang, Ash Almonte, John Maisano, Mark Yale Harris, and Kathy Buist to name a few.

It’s no wonder she has an eye for exquisiteness. Lisa was surrounded by beautiful things as a child; her mother is an interior decorator, her father an art collector and her grandmother an artist. Though she says artistic talents skipped a generation and thankfully found their way to one of her
two young children, she’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for fine art. She moved to Austin with her husband in 2000 after graduating from Arizona State University with an MBA. With no plans to start a business, she fell in love with Austin immediately and began re-evaluating what she wanted to do with her life. She soon realized that Austin did not have a gallery carrying museum-quality art, and in 2002 opened her first location. For serious art collectors, this was a good thing. She’s wise to caution her clients not to purchase art for investment purposes and to find things that really speak to them – as it’s something they will be looking at day after day and passing on from generation to generation.

How to Register?

Call 512-478-4440 or email sales@russell-collection.com to register for the event.

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