Amze Emmons | Momentarily & Yoonmi Nam | Arranged Flowers

7:00 pm To 10:00 pm

January 11, 2019

January 11, 2019


Jan. 11 – Feb. 17, 2019

Event Description

grayDUCK is celebrating Print Austin 2019 with two exhibitions showcasing exceptional printmakers: Amze Emmons and Yoonmi Nam.

Amze Emmons | Momentarily
My studio practice is built on systems of research. For the past several years I have actively noticed certain kinds of visual phenomena throughout Philadelphia, such as portable and ephemeral building structures, improvised street furniture, and informal sites of exchange that tell a story of local agency, adaptation, and community. When I travel to other cities, I inevitably discover parallel phenomena. It occurred to me that these connections and symmetries were in response to local needs (for food, shelter, community, commerce) in the face of the global trends of economic stagnation, shifting climates, and political estrangement. While sorting my catalog of images into typologies, I perceived a consistent improvised aesthetic that revealed a narrative of shared perseverance in the face of uncertainty and hardship. In cataloging these repeating patterns in our daily world, I found the informal temporary structures and ingenious vernacular designs to be evidence of a community determined to survive in the face of system collapse.

Yoonmi Nam | Arranged Flowers
My work considers the space where transience and permanence coexist.  In my on-going drawings and prints, I have used images of man-made environments and objects and cut flower arrangements as metaphors to evoke a sense of time that is both fleeting and eternal.

In the arranged flower imagery, the flowers, once cut from their roots, have only a short remaining time to live.  They will quickly wither and die, but before they do, they are elegantly and elaborately arranged, as if time will stand still for them.  The containers that hold them are disposable objects, such as a yogurt cup, a Styrofoam takeout box, and an instant noodle bowl.  These objects, although meant to be discarded immediately after use, often last longer than their intended lifespans.

I am interested in beauty, irony, impermanence, and the common and extraordinary way we structure our surroundings.


2213 East Cesar Chavez Street


About the Organizer/Venue

grayDUCK was founded in 2010 in South Austin, and relocated to East Austin in 2014. In our art-energized neighborhood, we strive to exhibit the work of exceptional artists while creating a welcoming place for everyone: viewers, artists and neighbors. Monthly shows highlight artist’s work from a broad range of experience, both locally and nationally. Our refurbished 100-year old house is a hybrid of new and old, clean lines and comfortable wood. The inviting space with a modern sensibility is a beautiful place for artwork, poetry readings, film, music and performance, a place where art is integral to everyday life.

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